Listing ID:#76321

Available SF:1,100

Max Contig. SF:1,100

Rent PSF (Annual):$43.00

Lease Term:5.00 - 10.00

Lease Type:NNN

Property Type:Retail

Date Available:Now


Perfect south facing retail space with large sunny windows, high ceilings and ample frontage. Very usable dry basement. Located on the 300 block which is shopped by everyone (residents, students and State Capitol workers!). Nearby stores are some of the best in Madison. This is one of those hard to find small spaces with great visibility and character.

Financial Information

Electric:Not Included

Gas:Not Included

Water/Sewer:Not Included

CAMs:Not Included

Real Estate Tax:Not Included

Insurance:Not Included

Janitorial:Not Included

Estimate of Costs:$9.50

Expense Stop:No

Contact Listing Agent

John Bergh


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