Privacy Policy

PropertyDrive, LLC (“PropertyDrive”, “we” and “us”) is committed to protecting the privacy of the users of our services and our website, This privacy statement discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for We may change or add to our privacy policy at any time and we will post to our current policy so that our current policy is available to you.

1. Enrolled Members

Anyone who has registered/enrolled as a Member, Company Administrator or Agent is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their password. PropertyDrive will not intentionally share a Member’s, Company Administrator’s nor Agent’s password with any third party. Members, Company Administrators and Agents are responsible for keeping their password secure and up-to-date. Members, Company Administrators and Agents agree to notify our Customer Service of any known or suspected unauthorized use of their password or email address, or any known or suspected breach of security, including loss, theft or unauthorized disclosure of a password.

2. Data and Information We Collect

PropertyDrive collects personal information and data from users of our website and services. To access certain restricted areas of our website and for access to advanced features and services, we will ask for additional personal information including information for processing payments. The information and data we collect includes the following.

2.1 Account Registration Information
In order to list properties and use the other advanced features of our website,, a user must first complete the registration process and enroll as a PropertyDrive Member. PropertyDrive collects personal information including names, phone numbers, industry role, company information, physical address or physical addresses if a Member has a satellite office, and email addresses when you register as a Member, Company Administrator or Agent. For billing purposes, if you are a Member or an applicant for membership, we also collect your billing address, name, email address, debit and credit card or bank account information, and phone number. If you are a user of our website and sign up for our mailing list, or otherwise communicate with us, we may collect personal information such as name, email address, phone number, physical address, and your company name.

2.2 Property Listings
Members may post property listings on our website,, in compliance with Wisconsin Statute Section 452.135, the regulations of the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services, and a PropertyDrive Member Enrollment Agreement including our Terms and Conditions. We require that each property listing include, and we thereby collect, a description of the property, information about whom to contact for additional information about the property, and the price or rental rate for the property.

2.3 Information Tracking Technologies
PropertyDrive may use tracking technologies to track a user’s IP address or place cookies in the browser files on a user’s computer, to assist us in providing users positive and value-driven interactions with our website. We may also use Google® Analytics and other analytics software providers to track general information about total number of visitors, traffic, demographics, and other information. We use such analytic software to collect information about your use of our website, such as pages visited, frequency of use, email opening rates, devices used to access our website, and more. Our use of analytic software results in our collecting information by IP address about your use of our website and services. To learn more about how Google® collects information about you and how they use and disseminate that information to us and others, visit the websites available at these links: and opt-out options at

2.4 External Links
Our website,, contains links to other websites including but not limited to our cooperating partners’ websites like and Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation’s (WEDC); social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; the websites of our Members; and others. These external websites may collect information about you, such as your IP address, and install cookies. You are notified that PropertyDrive has no control over and is not responsible for the content of these other websites, the activities of the providers of these other websites, or the information they collect from visitors to their website. We recommend you carefully read the privacy statements and terms and conditions of each of the websites you visit via links appearing on our website, to learn how the providers of these other websites track and use your information.

2.5 Communications between PropertyDrive and Users
PropertyDrive may also collect and retain any communications we have with any user of our website, email or services, including, but not limited to written and verbal communication by phone, email, mail, and fax.

2.6 Personal Information Received from Partners, Affiliates, and Advertisers
We may receive information about you, your company or your property listings from third parties such as CIREX, Members, our advertisers, other real estate brokers, or other sources, and we may retain this information in our system. We may also contact you to verify such information.

3. Use of Data and Information Collected

3.1 Use of information on Our Website
If you become a PropertyDrive Member, we use personal information, such as your name, phone number, industry role, company information, physical address, and email address, for our PropertyDrive Member Listing and property listings which are publicly available to all visitors to and users of our website, Some of the information in your property listings will be available to all users of our website. Some information in your property listings will only be available to other PropertyDrive Members and their Company Administrators and Agents. The property listing information which is available to all users of our website will also be shared with our property listing partners, such as CIREX, WEDC/Locate In Wisconsin, etc.

3.2 Use of Domain Names/IP Addresses
We use your domain address (for example, or to help diagnose problems with our server and to administer various features of our website. Your IP address is also used to gather broad demographic information such as the name of your internet service provider and its geographic location. See above explanation for our use of website analytics software.

3.3 Use of Cookies
A “cookie” is a small data file transferred by a website to your computer’s memory or hard drive. PropertyDrive sends cookies when you visit pages on our site, engage in transactions with us, enroll as a PropertyDrive Member, sign up for our mailing list, or use listing and other services we offer. Accepting the cookies sent by our website does not give us access to your personal information, but we may use the cookies to identify you or your computer. Temporary or “session” cookies are temporarily stored in your computer’s browser during the course of your session of use of our website. Permanent or persistent cookies remain on your computer and are used for granting you access to secured content and for internal web use reporting. We do not and will not use cookies to retrieve data from your hard drive or to obtain your email address or other personal information beyond confirming your identity for content access purposes. You can manually remove permanent cookies from your device. Third party cookies are cookies that are set on a website that can be read by another website.

Third party cookies are commonly used to create an anonymous profile for partnership programs and to track usage. PropertyDrive uses third party cookies for partnership programs such as: and other property listing services partners, as well as for our banner advertisers.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies by default, however, you can usually selectively accept certain cookies or refuse cookies altogether by adjusting the preferences in your browser. Cookies do not threaten your computer, software installed on your system nor your stored files. Cookies do not contain viruses. The information cookies provide is not used for any purposes other than general administration or management of marketing efforts. PropertyDrive encourages you to enable cookies to get the most value out of personalization and shortcut options. If you turn off cookies, there may be some features of our website that will not be available to you or pages that do not display properly.

Some of our third-party partners, affiliates, and advertisers may use cookies and tracking technologies on their websites. You are notified that Property Drive’s privacy policy does not apply to any third-party websites or cookies and we are not responsible for third-party actions or your interactions with third parties. PropertyDrive encourages you to carefully read the privacy policies of third-party providers.

3.4 Use of Your Profile Information
We will use your profile information provided through signing up for our email list or enrolling as a Member, Company Administrator or Agent to communicate with you. Our communications with you may include but not be limited to our weekly New Listing email, information sent through our Broadcast Email System, other email systems and through our website. All new Members receive a welcome email to verify their Memberships account has been activated and to provide more detailed information about Member services and obligations; this may include a User Manual and information about your membership. We may also send you service-related announcements such as maintenance and website update information, updates to our policies and information on other related topics. Our customer service team will also communicate with users to provide answers to inquiries and other information regarding user accounts and questions about PropertyDrive and our website. The information we collect from Members for billing purposes will only be shared with our bank, the user’s bank, our partner organization CIREX, and qualified PropertyDrive staff.

3.5 Email Lists
We collect personal information to maintain and use our Broadcast Email System, our New Listing Email Address List and other email services we provide. We offer the service to our Members of their sending other Members email messages using our Broadcast Email System. A user can opt out of receiving emails delivered through our service lists. In the account settings on our website, you can unsubscribe from one or more of our email mailing lists.

Users have the ability to send an email from our website’s Property Listing Page and from the Member Directory. If a user sends an email to an email address not stored in our system, we will retain the email address for the sole purpose of delivering the email message to the intended recipient. We do not sell or otherwise share this email address with third parties.

3.6 Third Party Partners, Affiliates, and Advertisers
PropertyDrive feeds personal information from your property listings and your entry in our Member Directory, such as your name, phone number, industry role, company information, and email address, to our partner organizations including, but not limited to, CIREX and Locate In Wisconsin for display on their websites and in their publications. In addition, PropertyDrive provides information such as billing address, name, email address, and phone number to CIREX for its billing purposes.

The content of the ads displayed on our website come from third-party advertisers. For the purpose of encouraging third parties to place ads on our website, we may share with third parties information and statistics about how users generally use our website. Aggregate, generally anonymous information such as demographic and other data we collect may be shared with third parties to assist PropertyDrive with advertising and marketing the services we offer.

Additionally, we may provide your information to third party vendors, such as IT firms, web hosting services, financial institutions, and accountants who assist us or who might potentially assist us in providing our services to you, the public and Members. We authorize these third parties to use the personally identifiable information of our users that we share with them for the exclusive purpose of, and only as necessary to, providing services to PropertyDrive which help us deliver or improve the delivery of our services to our users.

3.7 Business Transitions of PropertyDrive
In the event PropertyDrive engages in acquiring or merging with another business entity, or in being acquired by another business entity, or selling to or buying significant assets of another business entity, the personal information of PropertyDrive users will likely be disclosed as part of the transaction. Users will be notified on our website if we make a significant disclosure or transfer of users’ personal information to a third party for purposes of merger or acquisition.

4. Opt-out Options

PropertyDrive Members who do not wish to have their information displayed in our Member Directory have the ability to disable this function in their Member settings on our website. In addition, Members also have the ability to set email preferences and update their information in their Membership settings. If you are a Member and you do not wish to receive marketing emails sent by or through us, our New Listing emails, our Broadcast emails, etc., you have the ability to change your email preferences in your Member settings. By enrolling as a Member or subscribing to our mailing list, you give us permission to communicate with you via email, phone, letter, fax and other applicable communication channels. You can unsubscribe from our marketing and promotional email list by clicking the “unsubscribe” button in the email body. We will use our best commercial efforts to honor requests to be removed from our mailing list, however, you agree not to hold us liable for any damages or inconvenience you experience if you receive emails from us after you have either subscribed to our mailing list or become our Member. Members and subscribers to our mailing list are not able to opt out of receiving our service-related communications including, but not limited to, information regarding maintenance of our website, update announcements, account and transactional communications, or technical and security notices.

5. Security

PropertyDrive takes our users’ privacy very seriously and we take every reasonable precaution to keep your sensitive information safe online as well as offline. Our enrollment and registration forms on operate in an environment using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology. We use commercially reasonable means to protect your personal information in our records. However, no currently existing security system is 100% secure. In the event that we learn of a compromise of our security, we will take all necessary steps to investigate the issue, contact our users in the event of disclosure, and do everything within our power to remove the security threat and restore all systems to their normal function.

5.1. Member Access
Members must provide certain confidential information, such as Username and Password, to gain access to their PropertyDrive account, listings, and other advanced features. This confidential information can only be accessed, maintained, and updated by the Member, the respective Company Administrator, PropertyDrive staff, and IT personnel working with/for PropertyDrive.

6. Children’s Guidelines

We do not knowingly collect or solicit any information from anyone under the age of 13 years, and will remove such content as quickly as possible, should we learn of its existence on our website.

7. Changes to This Policy.

PropertyDrive reserves the right to modify or update this Privacy Statement as needed to reflect changes in our business and practices. These changes will be posted on our website and communicated to our Members by email, phone, and/or other forms of communication as we determine. Changes to our privacy policy will be effective when the changes are posted to our website.

Use including continuing ongoing use of our services after changes to this Privacy Statement have been posted at will serve as your consent to the posted changes.

8. Contact Information

Please direct questions and concerns regarding this Privacy Statement to:

PropertyDrive LLC
Attn: Privacy Department
P.O. Box 8691
Madison, WI 53708-8691

Phone: 608.442.0511
Fax: 608.242.1870


By using our website and services, you consent to the recording, storage, and disclosure of your personally identifiable information as stated above.

Last Updated: February 11, 2021