PropertyDrive is a Commercial Real Estate Listing Service serving Wisconsin and beyond. Developed in 2003 to serve the real estate community, PropertyDrive acts as a broker-to-broker and a broker-to-community tool. By promoting open access to members of the public, we drive the commercial connection and ultimately your property’s exposure. Anyone using our website can search and view property information without restriction.

Locally owned and operated by real estate professionals, PropertyDrive understands the tools needed to get your property sold or leased. Our interactive map is updated in real time and you can search for commercial properties without charge. Our Member Directory allows you to easily find and connect with Real Estate Professionals and other commercial real estate service providers to meet your real estate needs.

Become a member of PropertyDrive and take your marketing efforts to the next level! List your commercial real estate properties for lease and sale on PropertyDrive, advertise through our broadcast system, and automatically feed your ads to Locate In Wisconsin, the CIREX Printed Guide, and other local and statewide affiliate websites. Our Lists and Reports make it easy to provide your clients with the most up-to-date information in the industry, and our PropertyFeed automates changes to your PropertyDrive listings directly to your own website with a one-time setup fee. No recurring fees apply.

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Contact us at 608.442.0511 or office@propertydrive.com.